About us

Our journey began in the spring of 2020 when Gästareds Hudvård was founded. Since then, we have worked dedicatedly to create organic skin care that takes care of both the skin and nature. Our goal has been to combine our passion for beauty and well-being with respect for the environment.

We started by manufacturing cold-stirred soaps with unique patterns and color combinations. Each soap was like a work of art and expressed our care for details and our desire to offer something special, a visual experience without compromising on quality.

With our latest product, whipped body butter, we have taken another step forward on our journey. Its natural ingredients give your precious body exactly what it deserves. This softening body butter melts into the skin and makes it radiate with well-being. Simply a refreshing boost for your body.

We continue to grow and develop. Soon we will also introduce liquid oil-based soap – a product that not only cleans but also cares, and gives a feeling of luxury in everyday life.

We hope that our products will affect you in the same positive way as they have affected us. Our endeavor is to offer an experience of care, beauty and well-being – an experience that reflects our passion for skin care.

Welcome to Gästareds Hudvård, where every product is made with care to make more people open their eyes to natural skin care.